Scale and Troy Weights from England

This scale and weights were bought from ebay in the UK.              Pictures supplied by Mike Sharpe

Interesting story to be added.

This has only been possible with a huge amount of help  and kindness from Mike Sharpe in England. He has always been so helpful with information and has taught me a lot.  I would like to say he is my “Hands Across The Sea, Friend” Thank you so much.

Lovely Scale and set of Troy Bell weights including the one 50 oz cylindrical weight

20 oz Bell weight  –                    30 oz                   40 oz –         50 Cylindrical weight



100  –                                         200 –                                    300  Troy oz Bell weight


 Each Troy Bell weight is a different shape.


2nd scale and Sidney’s  other Troy weights.

These were bought from his wife Ann  months later.



Sidney Beddall