Avery Boxed Scale – Colin Lippert x Dunedin










W & T Avery Boxed Scales and weights

Bought from Colin Lippert in July 2017 These date to around the 1890s as does the original company A N Beaver & Co Dunedin.

Case Dimensions Case Length 16 – 7/8 Inch

Width 9 – 5/8 Inch Height 3 7/8 Inch

Total Height 25 ¾ Inches

Beam Length 13 5/8 Inch

Pillar height 21 3/4 Inches

Tower 7 1/8 Inch

Pans Dia 6 5/8 Inch

Marking on scale W&T Avery Makers Birmingham Has No 18 stamped on the bottom of the lever.

Patent agate Balance 20808 with W&T A stamp on Beam.                                                                      No name on pans                                                                                                                                          No name on lever

History of scales

W & T Avery Scales and weights
Bought from Colin Lippert in July 2017 brought back to Dunedin
These date to around the 1890s

W&T Avery Indicates before 1894. If after it would be W & T AVERY Ltd Info supplied from Mal Campbell




(We have no definite knowledge of when this set of scales came into the Company but the date fits in well with the founder company.)

The origins of the company date back to the 1892 when the import and wholesale company of A N Beaver & Co was formed in Dunedin . In 1912/13 the business became A A Fairbairn & Co. Mr Andrew Fairbairn was the principle of this company. They were importers and wholesalers of jewellery, silverware, crystal, watches, clocks and optical goods. Sometime during the next 15 years Francis William Parker joined the business and in 1927 the company of Fairbairn & Parker Ltd was formed. F W Parker died in 1961 and his son Francis David Parker took over the company joining Mrs O M Fairbairn and Mr G K Watt as the shareholders. Around 1972 Colin Lippert, who joined the firm in 1963, bought out the shareholding of Mrs Fairbairn and around 1975 bought out Mr Watt when he retired. The company had traded from the AMP building, corner Dowling & Princes St, until, with the pending demolition of the building in 1969, it purchased Mollers Building at 360 Moray Place and moved the warehouse into the first floor of this building. In 1982 the company expanded its small Christchurch branch office and closed down the Dunedin warehouse. The company continued to trade until around 1986 when Colin Lippert, bought the assets of the company, wound it up and re established as C M Lippert Ltd These scales were with the company when I started in 1963 until sold to Tony McCarthy, a collector of old scales and weights, in July 2017. Info supplied by Colin Lippert
WATCH AND JEWELLERY TRADE. Beaver, A.N and Co. , Wholesale Jewellers, Indenters and Importers, 89 Princes Street, Dunedin; Telephone, 382; P.O. Box, 253; Bankers; Bank of Australasia.
This business was established in 1892 by the present firm, and is conducted in a three storey brick building formerly occupied by Messrs. W. McArthur and Co. The ground floor is used as offices and show-room for jewellery, plate, clocks, and optical goods, the first floor being devoted to fancy goods of all descriptions, and the upper floor to glass and crockery-ware. Messrs. A. Beaver and Co.’s trade extends throughout the colony; three or four travelers are employed, and Mr. Beaver personally makes periodical trips. The firm imports from Great Britain, Europe, and America, and acts as sole agents in the South Island for Meyer’s Liquid Putz Cream.


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